About Us

2012年中超足球直播. was founded in October, 2009. Located at Linhai city (one national pharmaceutical chemical and API base of China), we now are a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and trade of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates, As a market-oriented manufacturing and trading enterprise, we establish R&D center with Shanghai Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and production bases in Anhui, Taizhou and Hangzhou respectively. Moreover, we own GMP approved plants and complete QC system. At present, we are receiving a high reputation for experienced technicians and leading inspection facilities, and having a good ability to develop and manufacture new products. Relying on a well-operated product chain, we have established good cooperative relationships with customers in past years. Now, our main products include pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs and custom-made chemicals, etc.

Depending on its excellent R&D, strict quality control,  perfect products and services as well as reputable prestige, Tai zhou world Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd. is developing in accordance with its business culture which is innovative, effective, excellent-quality and outstanding-service. With persistent innovation in R&D, effective and environmental friendly mass production, international oriented marketing strategy and excellent management group serving as its systematic core competence, taizhou Worldchem Co., Ltd. is sure to become a leading company in global bio-medical service area.

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